Radio Thermostat DNS Rebind Attack

Looking for Radio Thermostat devices on your home network
Scanning {{ips.length}} IP addresses from {{ips[0]}} to {{ips[ips.length - 1]}}
Started scanning {{startedIps.length}}/{{ips.length}}
Finished scanning {{finishedIps.length}}/{{ips.length}}
{{Object.keys(devices ).length}} thermostat found

The DNS Rebind attack was successful and a Radio Thermostat has been found on your network. Your browser has been tricked into violating the Same-Origin Policy and HTTP requests have been made to interact with the thermostat on your local network. *Your house temperature should now rise to a balmy 95 degrees and the information below has been exfiltrated from your thermostat and sent to a remote server that you do not control.
Name: {{}} ({{d.model}})
IP: {{d.ip}}
Auth Key: {{d.authKey}}
WiFi Network: {{d.ssid}}
WiFi MAC: {{d.bssid}}
Firmware: v{{d.fw_version}}
Temperature: {{d.temp}} (now rising to 95)